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The word asbestos comes from the Greek “asbestos”, which means unquenchable. It is a collective name for a number of naturally occurring minerals, which are made up of fine fibers. It is mined in open quarries in South Africa, Australia, Canada, the Urals, China and Kazakhstan. In general, asbestos is very resistant to acids, alkalis and high temperatures. In addition, it is very wear-resistant, fire-resistant, insulating and inexpensive. There are many rules for everyone who has to deal with asbestos. These regulations exist at national, provincial and municipal levels and must be in accordance with European laws. Which rules apply depends on whether you are dealing with asbestos in the context of a profession or business or as a private individual.

For example, the Working Conditions Decree is always important for employers, employees and self-employed professionals. Individuals who want to remove asbestos-containing material have to deal with the Asbestos Removal Decree and the rules of their municipality. Companies and institutions and self-employed people who want to remove asbestos from a structure or object, or have it removed, must take both decisions into account. Because the dangers associated with working with asbestos are great, the Working Conditions Decree with regard to asbestos applies not only to employers and employees, but also to self-employed persons such as agricultural companies.