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The new European Ship Recycling Regulation (EUSRR) entered into force at the end of 2013, and the Hong Kong International Convention for the safe Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (HKC) was adopted in MAY 2009. Both of these regulations place responsibility on Shipowners, Shipbuilders, suppliers, recycling facilities and national authorities to ensure the safe environmentally viable management of HazMats as well as the sustainable recycling of Ships.
A fundamental requirement of these regulations is the documentation of Hazardous Materials onboard ships. New and existing ships of 500 GT and above will have to carry an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) and the related International Certificate of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (ICIHM) onboard. This means that over 50,000 ships will have to comply with regulation.

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In some professions, employees must deal with hazardous substances, such as chemicals, asbestos and welding fumes. It is up to employers to provide a safe work situation so that employees do not develop occupational diseases. At SiAl BV we develop innovative solutions together with partners to keep people healthy at work.
Real estate owners or investors can have an inventory of hazardous substances and materials carried out for various reasons. Because they want to buy or sell an industrial or real estate object, because another user enters the building, or because the owner simply wants to know how “healthy” the complex is; for people and the environment.

As an internationally operating engineering and research agency, SiAl BV has extensive experience in managing complex, large-scale projects. The client and the desired project structure determine the level at which we deploy our support: for environmental guidance, project management or management. Our environmental supervisor ensures that the entire process of demolition, remediation, and disposal of waste proceeds responsibly, clearly and efficiently. Daily reports provide insight into the progress and findings. Upon completion of the (sub) project, the client receives a clear and well-arranged final evaluation. This immediately serves as proof that the project has gone completely according to the rules. Together with partners, we are working on ways to control exposure to hazardous substances. For example, we are also working on innovative methods to remove asbestos safely

Not only chemical companies need a policy or a well-thought-out approach for hazardous substances. This also applies to most other companies and institutions. Hazardous substances are present almost everywhere, such as cleaning agents, exhaust gases, lubricating oil or auxiliary materials. It is important to thoroughly identify the hazardous substances used or released in the company and to take protective measures where necessary. The employer is responsible for the health and safety of employees who are exposed to hazardous substances.

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